The GPS Model

At Growth Public Schools we believe that every child has an innate passion for learning and our job is to encourage joyful learning for every student every day. Every element of the school has been designed with this belief in mind.

Learning to do.

GPS students are learning to do in an immersive project-based and hands-on learning environment, where they are solving problems, asking questions, and working collaboratively.

Learning to be.

GPS students will focus equally on developing the academic and nonacademic skills that are critical to their success and happiness.

Learning to learn.

GPS students will use their personalized learning plans to research questions, follow instructions and solve problems—admitting when they don’t know something and figuring out a solution when they hit a roadblock.


Personalized Learning Plans

Every student works through personalized learning plans; each sets short and long term goals.

Learner Driven Community

Our students self-direct through different parts of their day with support from teacher facilitators.

Strong Academics

We set high academic expectations for every student at GPS with strong foundations in math and literacy.


Our students engage in authentic and immersive learning experiences outside of the regular schedule, such as coding, dance, art, and robotics.

Social Emotional Learning

A focus on mindsets for success and a commitment to teaching critical social emotional learning skills.

A Focus on Diversity

Based on the latest research, we create a diverse learning environment that has cognitive and social-emotional benefits for all because the future depends on students learning from different perspectives, experiences, and ideas.