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Teacher Fellow Job Announcement

Why Growth Public Schools?

We are seeking flexible, innovative, dynamic and committed educators to not only bring the best out of each and every student, but to be part of a movement to build a school for the future that changes the way school is done. Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain one of the best faculties in the country.

What makes us unique?

Our mission is to be a diverse, connected community of curious problem solvers, caring innovators and creative change makers that challenges students to take ownership of their learning and find their calling. Our vision is to prepare students to thrive in high school and for the changing, dynamic world of today and tomorrow. Graduates will:

• Model successful habits for life.

• Excel at critical thinking and collaboration.

• Constantly strive for excellence.

• Be the builders, makers, entrepreneurs and artists who create stronger communities and change the world.
Every element of the school has been designed with the unwavering belief that our job is to help every student find their inner super hero. We believe that this done through a balanced learning approach which includes: 1) rigorous and engaging project based learning, 2) a commitment to non-academic skills and social emotional learning competencies, 3) personalized learning based on data and deep relationships with students.

Do you want to…

• Be involved with some of the most innovative work in the country?
• Participate in 50+ days of professional development?
• Work in an environment where innovation is part of the DNA of the school?
• Collaborate daily with other committed and dedicated educators?
• Work tirelessly to ensure all students are successful regardless of prior preparation or challenges outside of school?

Do you believe that…

• Every child is a super hero?
• Diversity improves outcomes for all?
• Schools need to change in order to truly prepare our young people for the future?
• All students can succeed in the right environment with the right support?
• Learning should be authentic, creative, open-minded, and rigorous?
• A culture of innovation, joy, and fun lead to the best outcomes for kids?
• Strong relationships lead to powerful communities of learning?
• Families are critical components to a thriving and successful school community?

What is unique about being a Teacher Fellow at GPS?

Our Teacher Fellows learn the art of teaching in an innovative and exciting environment while working concurrently on their credential. You will work in collaboration with a certified teacher. You will become an extraordinary educator through hard work, reflection, and a commitment to getting better every day. Every day you will be fostering an environment of creative problem solving, innovation, and teaching students to become self-directed learners who take ownership over their learning and ultimately their lives. A growth mindset is a core belief for teaching and learning at GPS. Teaching at GPS is a team sport, and thus collaboration is key. You will work with your teacher partner each day and collaborate on executing daily lessons. You will bring joy and love to the classroom every day and utilize a cutting edge social emotional learning approach. You will support a creative and constructivist approach to project based learning each day with approximately 26 students and your teacher partner. You will work in a competency based and personalized learning environment to lead flexible and dynamic groupings of students in small group, large group, and 1-1 instruction based on what the data tells you and what students need. You will build strong relationships with students and know what motivates them and what they need academically and emotionally. You will teach students to set goals and conduct 1-1 check-ins to guide them to become their greatest selves in the long term and to work toward their goals and aspirations in the short term. You will be flexible and adaptable as we build the systems and structures to ultimately meet our long term mission and vision.

Who You Are

You are someone that believes we can do better for our kids who gotten lost in a bureaucratic educational system and want to take it back. You are an optimist that sees a better future and you want education to be leading that change. You are excited at getting in the middle of a big audacious vision for change and doing the difficult and tiring work of navigating for a better future. You are reflective, hard-working, a strong communicator, emotionally intelligent, agile and adaptive to change. You don’t give up in the face of failure and you know we can do better. You know that a strong school community and high expectations lead to amazing outcomes for students. You relish challenge, innovation, thinking outside of the box and see each student for what makes her uniquely amazing. You love working with students and their joy and accomplishments are the reason that you do this work every day with compassion and enthusiasm. You believe that teaching is a calling and passionately approach your craft every day.  You know that students have a spark that is curious, creative, and great teaching is the key to unlocking that potential. You know that teaching is hard work but you are in it to win it and see education as the most important issue of our time. You believe in kids unconditionally but set the right boundaries to help them learn and grow. You can’t imagine doing any other job and you are looking for a place that will allow you to be your greatest self and embark upon your own hero’s journey.

GPS Teacher Fellows:

• Encourage a culture of mutual respect and equitable practice
• Love working with kids and have experience in diverse education settings
• Enjoy supervising kids in various environments
• Support your teacher partner to effectively communicate with students and families about classroom activities and student progress
• Set high academic achievement expectations
• Support students’ social, emotional, and behavior learning needs
• Support the implementation of Project-Based Learning
• Assist in the facilitation of effective group work
• Provide timely feedback to students
• Collaborate with your teacher partner and other faculty
• Collaborate with pod level teams in regular formal and informal meetings
• Work with all faculty collaboratively to offer specialized support
• Foster student growth through semi-annual Student Conferences and Presentations of Learning
• Use data to personalize learning for each student
• Showcase student work within the community
• Support instructional activities that facilitate engaging and appropriate learning opportunities
• Support the personalization of instruction based on feedback and learning needs
• Support the creation of relevant and authentic learning experiences
• Assist in the planning of backwards designed lessons that align all activities and assessments
• Assist in the design of formal and informal assessments that measure student progress

Qualifications (Required):

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
• Desire to work toward a California Teaching Credential
• DOJ Fingerprint Clearance
• TB Clearance


The compensation for this role is competitive and commensurate with experience.

To Apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter that answers the following questions: to with the subject line “Teacher Fellow”. Please indicate if you are interested in part time or full time work.

• Why are you a good fit for Growth Public Schools?
• If we walked into your classroom, what would we likely see?
• Please explain in your own words what, “every student is a superhero” means to you?

An offer of employment will be subject to the successful completion of a background check. GPS is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of GPS to afford equal employment and advancement opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, disability, marital status, medical condition, or any other classification that is protected under applicable local, state or federal law.