About GPS


To be a diverse, connected community of curious problem solvers, caring innovators and creative change makers that challenges students to take ownership of their learning and find their calling.


GPS will prepare students to thrive in high school and for the changing, dynamic world of today and tomorrow. Graduates will:

  • Model successful habits for life.
  • Excel at critical thinking and collaboration.
  • Constantly strive for excellence.
  • Be the builders, makers, entrepreneurs, and artists who create communities that change the world.


Growth Public Schools is based on Summit Public Schools’ model which has been nationally ranked as one of the highest performing and most innovative school networks in the country. Growth Public Schools Founding Principal and CEO David Richards brings years of experience as one of the founding team members of Summit Public Schools.


We believe in the unlimited potential of each child.

We operate with the unwavering belief that each individual child has a spark within them that is waiting to be ignited.

We believe in the power of social emotional learning.

We see the benefits of rigorous academics combined with the social emotional tools to be effective in all of the non-academic areas of life that are critical to success.

We believe that innovation is a path to future success.

An entrepreneurial and innovative mindset is part of the essence of our school community. It influences how we see the world and how we approach problems.

We believe diversity improves outcomes for all.

The future asks us all to live in an interconnected world where different beliefs and perspectives are understood, discussed, and shared through dialogue and knowing each other.